Sunday, January 31, 2010


Yesterday we had a good time playing in the snow! Last night, I got together with my girlfriends to celebrate Shelly's birthday! My friend Shelly is so sweet talented- I had given her Jillian's stocking to transform from a blond caucasian girl into a darker skinned Ethiopian girl- which she did beautifully! We may have to darken her up a little bit, but we will wait and see! So when I got home I went in to check on Harrison and he had thrown up in his bed and didn't wake up.... So I moved him to our bed in which he proceded to puke on me and our bed! Then onto the dry clean only bed skirt- So into the bath at 1:00AM he went and then the diarrhea started.......and it continues on with a fever- He says "Where's my pyark bowl?"- it's so cute how he says pyark. I feel bad for him- hopefully it will pass quickly! So Craig and Isabelle got up to go to church- our times are changing, we thought today was the first day of the new times, well they got there and it doesn't start until the 14th- so back home! So we are kind of off kilter today- maybe we won't do much else besides rest and play in the snow a little- well Craig and Isabelle at least....
I did do some organizing yesterday of Jillian's closet- it was a wreck- now its ready to hold Jillian's stuff, at least when we know who she is and how big she is. I also shoveled a WHOLE bunch of snow yesterday and pulled the kids and the neighbor girl on the sled- so I am sore today! I may need a nap!

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