Friday, April 30, 2010

Handsome Harrison

Harrison got his glasses today- doesn't he look handsome? Hoping he gets used to them quickly- they look so blurry to me, hoping that isn't how it looked to him without glasses!

Jimmy Buffett was GREAT FUN!! Ready to start the month of MAY- Surely our referral is bound to come in MAY!! Let's pray it does!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Waitin' for the phone to ring....

This week the waiting has been hard! I never thought I could be sort of paralyzed- just sitting around waiting for the phone to ring..... but that is really what it is like! I just CAN'T wait for that phone call! I figure that April is pretty much done for referrals- that we will hopefully be in May- which would be great- Mother's day and my birthday are both in May- a referral would be a great gift! I feel so many things right now; anxiety, excitement, happiness, just to name a few..... My Dad has been getting prepared to make the second trip with me to bring her home- he got his first round of shots this week. Craig and I will go the first trip for court hopefully 4-6 weeks or so after we get our referral. Then the US Embassy does an investigation on our child's case and then they will tell us when we can have an embassy appt., this is when we can bring her home- that should be 6-12 weeks after we pass court- approx..... all of these times could be different... it's so hard to say- its different for every child's case. Just.... so..... ready!!! Keep us in your prayers; the waiting is so tough! BY the way: I don't really sit around waiting for the phone to ring literally.... trying to stay busy: planting flowers and a few veggies- stuff for homemade salsa, and Isabelle wanted to plant carrots and Harrison chose pumpkins (which will be planted on my parents farm). Craig built me a little patio out of cobblestone; a place in the shade to watch the kids play-, lots of yard work, lots of end of year stuff at the preschool, and last but not least, something I have always wanted to do: GO SEE JIMMY BUFFETT IN CONCERT!!!! So excited, tomorrow night in St. Louis! YAY!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


We are now 2nd in line for our referral for our baby girl!!! Of course, I must say the list is unofficial, so the possibility of a "mystery" family being front of us is still there- the reality is: we are getting closer! I was so happy when I saw that baby girl referral in my email yesterday- that means, only one family in front of us- and it is so much fun to see families we have grown closer to receive their referrals too! I really, really, really want our referral! It is pretty much all I can think about lately. It's getting harder, the closer we get. I am very worried that we might not pass court before Ethiopian courts close in August for 6 or so weeks- that would really put a kink in things! I know our whole adoption is orchestrated by God's own hands, that is the only thing that gives me peace.... I just can't wait to see her face, know her birthday, know where she is from in Ethiopia, etc.... all of the little, tiny details a mother wants to know! Second!!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010


Harrison went to the Eye Doc. today, for our concern about a lazy eye once in a while. Turns out he is really far sighted and his right eye is pretty bad. He has to get glasses. I am bummed about it.... he is only 4! Worried Momma doesn't want people to make fun of him or stereotype him. I know, things could be worse. I just want to protect him and I am kind of wondering at this point how I am going to get him to wear them all the time- he's not to keen on the idea..... I'm sure a little bribery might help. On the other hand, I am thankful for his beautiful brown eyes that smile when he smiles, and at least he can see!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


We had a great message today at church. It was all about letting the things that hide our Joy as Christian's fall away, so that our joy shines through. Part of the message had us looking at what brought us joy- that is easy for me; My children! I can't imagine life without them, they are such a blessing! There are times that I think I am going a little crazy, but all in all- I thank God every day for them. When you need to find joy, just look in the eyes of a child!
Later this afternoon, I was sitting outside watching my kids with our cute little neighbor girl, on the trampoline with a hose spraying water all over the trampoline and the kids! Now, THAT was pure Joy- hearing their squealing and laughing! Think about what brings you JOY and let the other stuff "go"......

Friday, April 9, 2010


We received our "ON DECK" email today! What a nice surprise. What this means is that we are getting closer to getting our actual referral call for our baby! It could be soon! Praise The Lord!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010


Wow- A lot has been going on! We had a great Easter Sunday! So glad to finally see some referrals from our agency; maybe it will be our turn soon! I have been battling major back and nerve trouble for going on three weeks now- ready for some relief. It kind of makes it hard to do anything else. I think it was brought on by stress and worry- which caused all of my muscles to totally tense up and cause a pinched nerve and back spasms... or maybe I am just getting "older".

Our agency also contacted us about the policy that was "on hold", after May 9, the policy goes back into effect- both parents will have to travel to be in court. So it looks like that is how it will be for us. I am also getting concerned that we pass court before court closes in August. Please pray for that specifically. We really want to bring our baby home as soon as we can.

I am learning a lot about "support" through this experience. Sometimes encouragement comes from places we would least expect it, and not from where we would normally find it. I have been discouraged from some peoples response to our adoption, because we feel so passionate about it. I can't help but feel like there are some people around us that just aren't interested. I understand how "orphans" isn't everyone's "thing", but loving all of the children in your life should be!

Summer ball practice is getting ready to start for both kids! Can't wait- we will stay super busy, so maybe waiting won't be so hard...... but who am I kidding! Ha! Exciting times- We have officially been "Dossier to Ethiopia" for 7 months now- and the official wait is 8-11 months, we are getting closer. I still feel like it will never happen. So ready to see her face! Please keep praying for us!