Sunday, May 16, 2010

first care package

We have sent our very first care package to Jillian via another family who will be traveling in the next few weeks. They are taking a professional photographer with them and they are going to be taking some pictures of Jillian for us and I can't wait to see them!!! I just about have the two referral pictures we got worn thin! I want to see more so badly. This week we might get some more from a gal who just returned from Ethiopia from picking up her son- I am so anxious to see how she looks different from the referral pics. We were notified this past week by email from our agency that Jillian had a upper respiratory tract infection and since had completed antibiotics and was doing better. There are so many things that go around the transitional home between children, such as chicken pox. Please pray for all the babies and their health. It is very hard to be here and have her there and the only and most important thing we can do is pray for her.
I went to Babies R Us the other day and I can't believe the new baby products they have even since Harrison was a baby. It is so exciting. I got to buy some new clothes- being a little cautious because I don't want to buy the wrong size,not knowing exactly how fast she will grow and when we will bring her home. Hopefully in another week we will know when our court date is.... expecting it to be at the end of June or early July. Please pray for us to have a fast court date that we pass the first time- so we can go get that sweet baby! When we pass court, there will be pictures of her all over the place!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

I'm so glad that I've been given the gift of motherhood! I can't imagine what it would be like not being a mother. We've had a great weekend. Saturday, Isabelle and I went to the Fancy Nancy tea party at the library with some friends. It was fun with just the girls. Then our family went to a movie and came home and planted flowers. Today, we went to sunday school and then left early to meet my mom and dad in Springfield to eat a wonderful lunch at this Italian place called Gilardi's. It was so good! Then we shopped a bit and bought Jillian her first clothes! I am sending a care package with a sweet family who is going on the 22nd. They have agreed to take pictures too. Another girl is going to take pictures for us too this week! I am so excited to see more pictures of our beautiful baby girl. I can't get her out of my head and I'm so glad! I am praying for quick word of our court date and that we pass the first time. I am also praying that Jillian stays healthy, there are a lot of things that go around in an orphanage; chicken pox, colds, etc.... and babies seem to catch everything. I am hoping that God will put his hedge of protection around her and all of the babies there.
I have been in a blur since "referral day", Thursday. Our friends, The Belote's also got their referral the SAME day! What a blessing! I am really hoping we get to travel at the same time. Our girls will always know each other- how neat!!! Happy Mother's Day to all of the great mother's out there- it really is such a blessing. I heard something on the radio the other morning about mothers; that mothers are childrens first experience of what Jesus' love is like- that makes me feel a little inadequate, because what big shoes we have to fill! I liked it though- how near and dear to God's heart we are. He made US mother's!!! I'm so grateful to him for that! This has been the best Mother's day ever! Next year will be even better, because we will get to spend it with Jillian! Also, got the best surprise this morning, Isabelle created the most beautiful picture of our family of five- I am going to try to scan it and put it on here soon!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Yesterday there was a hole in my heart, today it was FILLED!!! What a wonderful day- here is how it played out......
We got home from preschool about 1:30 this afternoon and Harrison had fallen asleep and was on the couch so I decided to sit down for a little bit and I was praying and I dozed off.....then...... the phone rings around 2:03ish- and it said (703) area code and I KNEW:----- I answered and Caitlin asked if Craig was here and I said no, he was at work and then she conferenced him in; then the tears started flowing, because I KNEW! Caitlin said that this was our referral call and told us of our sweet, sweet baby girl...... almost 3 months old...... So now, we wait for news of our court date- 4-6 weeks from now and we will go to Ethiopia to appear in court. If we pass court the first time, lets pray we do- many do not..... then in 4-12 weeks from passing court, my dad and I will go back to bring her home...... Oh my, what a day...... I can't post pictures until we pass court and then I will have them every where! The kids are pumped and in love too- I am hoping they really understand that "she" is Jillian- the same Jillian we have been praying for, for so long! Now, I would love to ask prayer for her continued health and for quick and easy court date and travel..... We are so thankful for every prayer lifted up for Jillian and our family. WE are so thankful for the blessings God continues to pour down on us..... God really is so Good!! My heart could overflow at any moment; and to top it all off: just got a phone call from my bff in Kazahkstan on her mission trip- got to share the good news with her too! What a great day!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

All in one year's time.....

One year ago this Saturday we attended a seminar about adoption in Ozark that was put on by our agency, America World. We felt like our decision to adopt was confirmed after leaving the seminar. The following Monday, the 11th of May, 2009 we mailed off our application to adopt a baby girl from Ethiopia! We then received our acceptance call from them on May 27th.
It's been a year!!! Can't believe that! We are SO ready for our referral call! Mother's Day is near- that would be a nice surprise! My birthday is in a couple of weeks- another great opportunity- is it really too much to ask? I dream of those big brown eyes every day! Can't wait to know all of the details that God already has all worked out, it's so exciting!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Miracle Monday

Today on our local Christian radio station, Spirit FM, they were having their annual Miracle Monday. This is when you call in if you have a prayer request and they have different employees and prayer warriors answering and listening and then praying for your request with you. I haven't ever called in before, but this morning while I was getting ready I felt a nudge.... so I called in- a guy named Matt answered and we started chatting about my request; which is our adoption- he asked me where we were adopting from and I told him- Ethiopia..... here is the God thing- he told me he has been there three times and absolutely got so happy to listen to our process. He said he loves the people of this country! I know some people might not understand or see it- but this is what I got out of this- I have always known God was a huge part of our deciding to adopt and the process, but I actually felt the Holy Spirit while I was on the phone with Matt today, telling me that God has this all under control and that he is "all over it"! Nothing like this has ever happened to me before! Matt prayed for a "quickening" and for revelation in every step of this process for us! I still can't hardly stand it, the waiting- but it helps to remember that somebody is holding my hand every step of the way!!! On another note: On the way home from taking my daughter to school today, my 4 year old son says, "Mom, do you think the moon and sun are friends?" So sweet! I love the little details of our day like that!