Thursday, July 29, 2010

Traditional Ethiopian dinner and show

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sweet angel!

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Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

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Off to meet Jillian pics.

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Recap of Court trip week in Ethiopia-

We arrived Saturday evening, July 17, 2010. It was around 9:30 when we finally got through immigration and back to the Yebsabi Guest House. After being greeted by our welcome wagon, Missy and Amber, we went to bed!

Sunday, July 18- We went to church with the group and my cousin and her kids. We ate lunch at the art gallery, Makush and then off to the transition home to MEET Jillian!!! What a special moment in our lives! We will never forget this day!

Monday, July 19- Jillian in the morning at the transition home, Lucy's restaraunt for lunch, and then shopping at the post office stores and Africa Silver.

Tuesday, July 20- Jillian in the morning, Metro Pizza for lunch, then Kaldi's for some macchiato's (they drink these after meals) I like this tradition- and they cost like 50 cents! Then to the coffee factory tour and later in the evening the traditional Ethiopian dinner (and show) at 2000 Habesh Traditional Dinner and Show.

Wednesday- COURT DAY! Court in the morning, which took all of 30 minutes or so, our part took 2 or 3 minutes, max! Then to the transition home to meet the birth families. We met Jillian's birth mother- very emotionially draining day! Makush for lunch then back to the transition home for more time with Jillian. Then to Boston Spa for a 10$ massage and 5$ mani!

Thursday and Friday July 22 and 23- Trip to Awassa (5 hours south) to visit the Shalom Childrens Hope Orphanage. This was Jillian's orphanage for a short while! We also saw monkeys, Lake Awassa, rode in Bajaj's, went to the World Vision office there, went to the Haile Resort (famous Ethiopian runner's resort) and on Friday visited Wondo Genet, the mountain oasis village that is the town closest to where Jillian is from. We did get to see Jillian late Friday for an hour- Thank goodness!

Saturday, July 24- Shopping, Blue Tops for lunch and then left late for the airport and arrived home Sunday afternoon- and am STILL jetlagged

meetcha day


For some reason, it will only let me upload a few pics at a time! Weird!
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more meetcha day

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Meetcha Day pictures! July 18, 2010

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tired stinging eyes... but HOME!

I just wanted everyone to know we made it home this afternoon- I wasn't able to get into my email to send info to my blog after Tuesday- So I need to catch up on our days in Ethiopia- what a wonderful adventure it was.... so bittersweet to come home without our girl... hopefully very soon- I can go get her forever! After I catch up a little- I will fill in the blanks on our trip- and add some pics! There is so much to process- I don't want to forget a thing I saw or experienced there- Praying now for a fast embassy investigation and CHEAP tickets to go back and get her- right now plane rides sound like the least fun thing!!! Came home to my kids both sick with stomach distress..... made me sad I wasn't here- hard to be torn between continents- we need to all be together- right now we all need SLEEP! More soon, I promise!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Fun Day!!

We started out our day with breakfast and an orientation meeting about court with Duni, the AWAA director here Africa.  The meeting covered what would happen in court on Wednesday.  Around 10:30 we headed over to the transition home to visit Jillian.  First we got to take pictures for the Daus family who was meeting their son for the first time- so neat to be on the other side of the camera, too.  Then we just walked right to Jillian's room.  There are 13 other babies just in Jillian's room alone- so many precious faces!  I asked the nanny about her pox, she said the nurse had looked at her earlier and the Dr. was coming later, maybe tomorrow I can talk to him.  They aren't horrible and she doesn't seem to bothered by them.  I picked her up and we headed outside to the porch.  We spent most of our time there.  We played with toys, took turns holding her and then her little eyelids started getting heavy and she just laid her sweet little chubby cheek down on my chest and went to sleep.... she is heaven sent, let me tell you!  I cannot believe how soft that girl's cheeks are!  The nanny brought us a 6 oz. bottle of formula and when she started stirring I gave it to her, she looked straight into my eyes and held on to my finger.   I can't describe how it feels to hold a baby God made just for you from all the way across the world- it is miraculous!   After her nap and her tummy was full..... we got her laughing by tickling her jawline and chin..... she laughed out loud!!!!  Made a little sound like, "Keeeeeeee"- so sweet! At 1:00 we had to take her back to her room and leave to go to lunch.

We went to Lucy's for lunch next to the National Museum where "Lucy" the skeleton is kept.  Maybe we will get to go there later.  The food was good- I had a Indian basmati rice dish with chicken and Craig had spicy ravioli.  After that we watched a traditional coffee ceremony where they roast the beans before your eyes.  The coffee is very good-  Then we went shopping- today I found some traditional dresses for my friend's daughter, B, back home and for Jillian, also some souvenirs for gifts.... and best of all two silver crosses identical to each other; one for Isabelle and one for Jillian- for a special occasion in their future....

Then we headed back and chatted in the lobby-  The Sherburne family was getting ready to leave, its sad to see them go.  They will be back for their embassy date maybe at the same time we will- great new friends!!   Also, my friend Missy- got an expidited embassy appointment for her sweet baby to come home as soon as possible, she has some serious health issues.  To have this happen was NO easy feat.  They just don't do it- it WAS a miracle!  So awesome- so she will be home with her by Thursday!!! Praise God! 

Around 7:30-  6 families went with Robel (our travel coordinator) to an authentic Ethiopian restaurant-  You sit around a MESOB (a basket like table) and you only use your right hand, no utensils.... they come around and wash your hands for you.   It was AWESOME!  The whole time, there are singers and AMAZING dancers- I will post pics later- I can't get them to load from here-  One of the beautiful girls got Craig to get up and dance- I could not believe it- he stepped WAY out of his box tonight!  It was SO MUCH fun!!! Amber and I enjoyed some honey wine- which is a tradition Ethiopian drink made from fermented honey- it was good.  I have never laughed so much in my life- these dancers can MOVE now!!! They do this shoulder roll, it looks like their shoulders are disjointed- and the girls are SO pretty!   I'm not sure what is on tap for tomorrow- we are supposed to get our itinerary tomorrow.  I have learned it's kind of like Mexico here- nobody gets in any big hurry- they just enjoy their lives and smile a lot!!! I love it!   More tales tomorrow- court date is getting closer!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Meetcha Day!!!

WOW!!!!  I'm going to try to post every detail, because I don't want to forget a thing!   We woke around 7am to a rooster, dogs, a cat and singing-like chanting (think it was  a muslim call to prayer)- anyway it was something I'll never forget!  We were pleasantly surprised to both get hot showers!  Then down our 4 flights of stairs (in high altitude) to breakfast.  Our chef, David is ethiopian.  He makes this flat crescent roll type bread pancake (that is the best I can describe it) and it has honey on it, also sweet breads, yogurt and bananas and fresh Ethiopian coffee (yum) and fresh pineapple juice..... he also makes omelettes on request, which we tried and they were super delish! 

At 10:30 our driver, David ( a different one, very nice man) picked us up with all the other families to go to the International Evangelical Church.  It was AWESOME!  A guy from Memphis actually did the sermon and we sung some of the same songs we sing in church, contemporary ones.  My cousin, Allison and her kids met us there and we got to visit- and I got to bring them some goodies from the states.  They live in northern Ethiopia as missionaries.  So good to see them!  Then they had to leave.  We went to an art gallery called Makush; also a restaraunt..... we had veggie spring rolls and Craig had Lasagna and I had a squash ravioli, pretty good- big Italian influence here in the food.  After lunch..... we headed over to the Transitional Home where the babies live.  Our agency has two homes here, one for babies and one for the older kids.  We drove through a gate, and parked and then they brought babies to each family giving each family enough time to record it properly- we had 3 different photographers and a video being taken..... I started feeling so shaky and teary...... and Craig said, "I feel like I might throw up!"   He didn't- but our nerves were running wild!   They brought her out and I really thought I might drop her, my hands were shaking... We got to spend about an hour and a half with her. I didn't even think we would meet her until Monday so this was an extra blessing!  She does have some chicken pox,  :(  the nanny said since yesterday... I pray they go away as fast as they came!  She is so mushy and soft and cuddly, just like I thought she would be...... not as long as I thought- so pretty, happy , sweet and content- she never fussed a bit!  We played with some toys with her and walked around outside looking at the trees and flowers..... and just thanking God!     Then it was time to go- so I took her back to her room, we put our picture of our family holding her picture on her crib- hope she looks at it a lot!  I heard Craig tell someone that he "knew" she was ours before, but when you really see them for the first time...... well it is just so surreal!   I feel so happy and blessed and thankful!  

There are lots of families staying in the same guest house as us, its been an extra blessing to get to spend time with like minded people who love this place and its beautiful people!  We will never be the same, that is for sure-

Please pray for our court date on Wednesday- we need to pass so we can bring her home, in possibly 4 weeks!!! More tomorrow......

Saturday, July 17, 2010

We're here!

We were out of the airport in Addis around 9:30 Sat. night.  David, our driver picked us and all of our backage (YAY) and took us to the guest house.  Our welcome party of Missy B. and Amber B. and hubby were waiting for us!   What a great welcome!!  We have a suite- it has a little kitchen, living room and bedroom on the 4th floor- .  I never thought I would be cold here, but its morning already and I'm a little chilly- 

We awoke to the chanting music of some religious group.  I want to think they are Christians- they could be. This nation is at least 60% christian.  You also hear dogs, cats, an occasional car alarm or music coming from cars and you constantly smell smoke- guess its probably smog- it is really kind of a "homey" smell if that is possible.  Our first night, we instantly fell asleep... with help of over 30 hours of travel and a couple of tylenol pm-  Today we get to go with our group to the International church here- then to lunch with our group where my cousin and her kids are going to join us hopefully and then from 2-4, WE GET TO MEET JILLIAN!!!!!  It's finally here and I am so thankful-  I got tears when we were landing thinking we are in the same city finally as our child!  We are 8 hours ahead of Missouri time!  More later- thought I would see if this sending email to the blog would actually work! 

Monday, July 12, 2010

Ready to Go............

Well, we're ready!! We leave on Friday- can't wait!
Stay tuned....

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


We got the LONG anticipated call today!!!! We have an official court appearance date! It IS JULY 21st which just happens to be my momma's birthday. So this means we get to leave next Friday, the 16th and come home the next Sunday, 25th.... all of you creeps out there- there WILL be people in our house! So don't get any creepy ideas!

Needless to say; THANK YOU for your prayers! However we aren't out of the woods yet- We have to PASS court first-
Please pray specifically for:
1. The letter from Ministry of Womens Affairs to be complete and in court on the 21st.
2. Birth mother present in court.
3. Our testimony in court.
4. The judge finds favor and passes us on the 21st! If so, she is legally OURS!
Then the wait begins for the Embassy's role in this- which could take 4-12 weeks..... when my dad and I will return to pick that girl up!!! I am praying for the first week of September......

There is something so neat that proves that God's timing is PERFECT: My friends, Amber from California and Missy from near here- who the three of us have followed and supported each other throughout this whole process- we are going to get to all three meet in person in Ethiopia- how cool is that? We will only be there all together for a couple of days- but I'm hoping we can all three go to church in Ethiopia together to Praise the Lord for what he has done! Isn't that just so neat?

Another thing; we got the monthly update on Jillian today; she weighs 15 pounds!!!! She will be 5 months old on the 10th. They say she hardly cries, eats 5 oz. basically every 3 hours, except at night and is up once in the night to eat. I love knowing all of these details! She takes a morning and an afternoon nap! I love the structure they give her- I just got back from Walgreens picking up an 8x10 picture to hang above her crib of our family holding her picture! I hope she grows to recognize us..... Two weeks from tomorrow- hopefully she will be ours forever!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

More freedom

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Good weekend! New week, hoping for great news. Renewed attitude!
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Friday, July 2, 2010


Sad. Blue. Weary. Tired. Teary. Grumpy. That's me lately. Trying not to be, but I am. Can't help it. Thankful people are still praying. I am still praying too, but don't feel like it is helping.
I emailed the gal from our agency for third time this week, today about why we haven't heard about our court date yet. She called me around noon. No real reason, just one of those things.... I personally think the court office misplaced our "file"- because there are other families who got court dates today whose paperwork was submitted after ours. I don't know, none of it makes sense. This is the part of adoption that excuse my language, just SUCKS! I want to go. Now. I can't help it, my heart hurts. I need to go and be there. My baby is there and I am here. I am to the point where I am sick of looking on the computer to see if I got an email.... I don't want to think about it anymore until I get the call of the date. The hard part, is that it is all I think about.
Anna did say that we should expect to get a court date towards late July to Mid August..... BLA! Closer and closer to the closing of courts...... my worst fear. Please keep praying for our case and me and my attitude.... it's just not good right now. I really thought I would be traveling sooner than that....