Friday, July 2, 2010


Sad. Blue. Weary. Tired. Teary. Grumpy. That's me lately. Trying not to be, but I am. Can't help it. Thankful people are still praying. I am still praying too, but don't feel like it is helping.
I emailed the gal from our agency for third time this week, today about why we haven't heard about our court date yet. She called me around noon. No real reason, just one of those things.... I personally think the court office misplaced our "file"- because there are other families who got court dates today whose paperwork was submitted after ours. I don't know, none of it makes sense. This is the part of adoption that excuse my language, just SUCKS! I want to go. Now. I can't help it, my heart hurts. I need to go and be there. My baby is there and I am here. I am to the point where I am sick of looking on the computer to see if I got an email.... I don't want to think about it anymore until I get the call of the date. The hard part, is that it is all I think about.
Anna did say that we should expect to get a court date towards late July to Mid August..... BLA! Closer and closer to the closing of courts...... my worst fear. Please keep praying for our case and me and my attitude.... it's just not good right now. I really thought I would be traveling sooner than that....

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