Monday, July 19, 2010

Fun Day!!

We started out our day with breakfast and an orientation meeting about court with Duni, the AWAA director here Africa.  The meeting covered what would happen in court on Wednesday.  Around 10:30 we headed over to the transition home to visit Jillian.  First we got to take pictures for the Daus family who was meeting their son for the first time- so neat to be on the other side of the camera, too.  Then we just walked right to Jillian's room.  There are 13 other babies just in Jillian's room alone- so many precious faces!  I asked the nanny about her pox, she said the nurse had looked at her earlier and the Dr. was coming later, maybe tomorrow I can talk to him.  They aren't horrible and she doesn't seem to bothered by them.  I picked her up and we headed outside to the porch.  We spent most of our time there.  We played with toys, took turns holding her and then her little eyelids started getting heavy and she just laid her sweet little chubby cheek down on my chest and went to sleep.... she is heaven sent, let me tell you!  I cannot believe how soft that girl's cheeks are!  The nanny brought us a 6 oz. bottle of formula and when she started stirring I gave it to her, she looked straight into my eyes and held on to my finger.   I can't describe how it feels to hold a baby God made just for you from all the way across the world- it is miraculous!   After her nap and her tummy was full..... we got her laughing by tickling her jawline and chin..... she laughed out loud!!!!  Made a little sound like, "Keeeeeeee"- so sweet! At 1:00 we had to take her back to her room and leave to go to lunch.

We went to Lucy's for lunch next to the National Museum where "Lucy" the skeleton is kept.  Maybe we will get to go there later.  The food was good- I had a Indian basmati rice dish with chicken and Craig had spicy ravioli.  After that we watched a traditional coffee ceremony where they roast the beans before your eyes.  The coffee is very good-  Then we went shopping- today I found some traditional dresses for my friend's daughter, B, back home and for Jillian, also some souvenirs for gifts.... and best of all two silver crosses identical to each other; one for Isabelle and one for Jillian- for a special occasion in their future....

Then we headed back and chatted in the lobby-  The Sherburne family was getting ready to leave, its sad to see them go.  They will be back for their embassy date maybe at the same time we will- great new friends!!   Also, my friend Missy- got an expidited embassy appointment for her sweet baby to come home as soon as possible, she has some serious health issues.  To have this happen was NO easy feat.  They just don't do it- it WAS a miracle!  So awesome- so she will be home with her by Thursday!!! Praise God! 

Around 7:30-  6 families went with Robel (our travel coordinator) to an authentic Ethiopian restaurant-  You sit around a MESOB (a basket like table) and you only use your right hand, no utensils.... they come around and wash your hands for you.   It was AWESOME!  The whole time, there are singers and AMAZING dancers- I will post pics later- I can't get them to load from here-  One of the beautiful girls got Craig to get up and dance- I could not believe it- he stepped WAY out of his box tonight!  It was SO MUCH fun!!! Amber and I enjoyed some honey wine- which is a tradition Ethiopian drink made from fermented honey- it was good.  I have never laughed so much in my life- these dancers can MOVE now!!! They do this shoulder roll, it looks like their shoulders are disjointed- and the girls are SO pretty!   I'm not sure what is on tap for tomorrow- we are supposed to get our itinerary tomorrow.  I have learned it's kind of like Mexico here- nobody gets in any big hurry- they just enjoy their lives and smile a lot!!! I love it!   More tales tomorrow- court date is getting closer!


  1. ooooh, I can just feel her warm, chubby, squishy little snuggly baby goodness! I am loving being there through your story Erin! Ridley looks into my eyes and holds my finger just like that and I can't even take it...I'm so happy she is doing that with you! It's 9 p.m. here, so you've got a couple more hours of snoozing...I hope you have a fantastic visit tomorrow..can't wait to hear more & more!

  2. It's now 2:30 p.m. our time, so, like 10:30 yours??

    When you wake up, it will be court day, right??? OH MY OH MY!!!!

    Here's to hoping, and wishing and praying!
    Thinking of you!!!

  3. DYING DYING DYING for information! Should be 5:45 pm. your time, (9:45 a.m. ours)...court should be done...HOPING FOR GOOD NEWS!!!