Tuesday, July 6, 2010


We got the LONG anticipated call today!!!! We have an official court appearance date! It IS JULY 21st which just happens to be my momma's birthday. So this means we get to leave next Friday, the 16th and come home the next Sunday, 25th.... all of you creeps out there- there WILL be people in our house! So don't get any creepy ideas!

Needless to say; THANK YOU for your prayers! However we aren't out of the woods yet- We have to PASS court first-
Please pray specifically for:
1. The letter from Ministry of Womens Affairs to be complete and in court on the 21st.
2. Birth mother present in court.
3. Our testimony in court.
4. The judge finds favor and passes us on the 21st! If so, she is legally OURS!
Then the wait begins for the Embassy's role in this- which could take 4-12 weeks..... when my dad and I will return to pick that girl up!!! I am praying for the first week of September......

There is something so neat that proves that God's timing is PERFECT: My friends, Amber from California and Missy from near here- who the three of us have followed and supported each other throughout this whole process- we are going to get to all three meet in person in Ethiopia- how cool is that? We will only be there all together for a couple of days- but I'm hoping we can all three go to church in Ethiopia together to Praise the Lord for what he has done! Isn't that just so neat?

Another thing; we got the monthly update on Jillian today; she weighs 15 pounds!!!! She will be 5 months old on the 10th. They say she hardly cries, eats 5 oz. basically every 3 hours, except at night and is up once in the night to eat. I love knowing all of these details! She takes a morning and an afternoon nap! I love the structure they give her- I just got back from Walgreens picking up an 8x10 picture to hang above her crib of our family holding her picture! I hope she grows to recognize us..... Two weeks from tomorrow- hopefully she will be ours forever!!!


  1. Oh Happiness & Joy Erin! I'm so excited and thrilled for your and your family! Can't wait for being able to see more pictures!!!

  2. So very excited for you to meet your daughter!! :) What an added blessing that you get to meet Amber and Missy in person too! Praying you have a fabulous trip! I love your idea of the family pic holding her picture! My husband and I are hoping to be DTE in a few weeks.....it is so exciting to watch other families make it this far in the process! I will keep you in my prayers!