Sunday, July 18, 2010

Meetcha Day!!!

WOW!!!!  I'm going to try to post every detail, because I don't want to forget a thing!   We woke around 7am to a rooster, dogs, a cat and singing-like chanting (think it was  a muslim call to prayer)- anyway it was something I'll never forget!  We were pleasantly surprised to both get hot showers!  Then down our 4 flights of stairs (in high altitude) to breakfast.  Our chef, David is ethiopian.  He makes this flat crescent roll type bread pancake (that is the best I can describe it) and it has honey on it, also sweet breads, yogurt and bananas and fresh Ethiopian coffee (yum) and fresh pineapple juice..... he also makes omelettes on request, which we tried and they were super delish! 

At 10:30 our driver, David ( a different one, very nice man) picked us up with all the other families to go to the International Evangelical Church.  It was AWESOME!  A guy from Memphis actually did the sermon and we sung some of the same songs we sing in church, contemporary ones.  My cousin, Allison and her kids met us there and we got to visit- and I got to bring them some goodies from the states.  They live in northern Ethiopia as missionaries.  So good to see them!  Then they had to leave.  We went to an art gallery called Makush; also a restaraunt..... we had veggie spring rolls and Craig had Lasagna and I had a squash ravioli, pretty good- big Italian influence here in the food.  After lunch..... we headed over to the Transitional Home where the babies live.  Our agency has two homes here, one for babies and one for the older kids.  We drove through a gate, and parked and then they brought babies to each family giving each family enough time to record it properly- we had 3 different photographers and a video being taken..... I started feeling so shaky and teary...... and Craig said, "I feel like I might throw up!"   He didn't- but our nerves were running wild!   They brought her out and I really thought I might drop her, my hands were shaking... We got to spend about an hour and a half with her. I didn't even think we would meet her until Monday so this was an extra blessing!  She does have some chicken pox,  :(  the nanny said since yesterday... I pray they go away as fast as they came!  She is so mushy and soft and cuddly, just like I thought she would be...... not as long as I thought- so pretty, happy , sweet and content- she never fussed a bit!  We played with some toys with her and walked around outside looking at the trees and flowers..... and just thanking God!     Then it was time to go- so I took her back to her room, we put our picture of our family holding her picture on her crib- hope she looks at it a lot!  I heard Craig tell someone that he "knew" she was ours before, but when you really see them for the first time...... well it is just so surreal!   I feel so happy and blessed and thankful!  

There are lots of families staying in the same guest house as us, its been an extra blessing to get to spend time with like minded people who love this place and its beautiful people!  We will never be the same, that is for sure-

Please pray for our court date on Wednesday- we need to pass so we can bring her home, in possibly 4 weeks!!! More tomorrow......


  1. Ooh, the tears are a flowin'!!!! I'm so happy for your family. You've done such a good job describing everything! I can smell the coffee, see the broad smiles of your driver, feel my tummy quiver and my hands actually were shaking! WOW!!! I cannot wait for more!

  2. Gracious, I'm so emotional I can't find the words or remember what I want to say! She sounds so precious, I can't wait to snuggle her! I also hope she gets well QUICK! I hope you pass court first time. AND, I told you so that she would like you! How could she not like the woman who loves her with all of her might???? Just wish I could have seen it!

  3. What a glorious day-so happy for you!

  4. I got chills reading about your first meeting with baby Jillian. I am so happy that this journey of yours is reaching its end. We are praying for you guys, Jillian & your safe travel home.