Thursday, July 29, 2010

Recap of Court trip week in Ethiopia-

We arrived Saturday evening, July 17, 2010. It was around 9:30 when we finally got through immigration and back to the Yebsabi Guest House. After being greeted by our welcome wagon, Missy and Amber, we went to bed!

Sunday, July 18- We went to church with the group and my cousin and her kids. We ate lunch at the art gallery, Makush and then off to the transition home to MEET Jillian!!! What a special moment in our lives! We will never forget this day!

Monday, July 19- Jillian in the morning at the transition home, Lucy's restaraunt for lunch, and then shopping at the post office stores and Africa Silver.

Tuesday, July 20- Jillian in the morning, Metro Pizza for lunch, then Kaldi's for some macchiato's (they drink these after meals) I like this tradition- and they cost like 50 cents! Then to the coffee factory tour and later in the evening the traditional Ethiopian dinner (and show) at 2000 Habesh Traditional Dinner and Show.

Wednesday- COURT DAY! Court in the morning, which took all of 30 minutes or so, our part took 2 or 3 minutes, max! Then to the transition home to meet the birth families. We met Jillian's birth mother- very emotionially draining day! Makush for lunch then back to the transition home for more time with Jillian. Then to Boston Spa for a 10$ massage and 5$ mani!

Thursday and Friday July 22 and 23- Trip to Awassa (5 hours south) to visit the Shalom Childrens Hope Orphanage. This was Jillian's orphanage for a short while! We also saw monkeys, Lake Awassa, rode in Bajaj's, went to the World Vision office there, went to the Haile Resort (famous Ethiopian runner's resort) and on Friday visited Wondo Genet, the mountain oasis village that is the town closest to where Jillian is from. We did get to see Jillian late Friday for an hour- Thank goodness!

Saturday, July 24- Shopping, Blue Tops for lunch and then left late for the airport and arrived home Sunday afternoon- and am STILL jetlagged

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