Monday, June 28, 2010

Still waiting.....

Well, we are still waiting to hear when we will go for our court date! I am mentally and physically so ready- I would be ready to go tomorrow!!! But, God says.... wait. I just keep trying to remember this, "God makes everything beautiful in HIS time." This is what is written on a little thing that sits on an easel sitting on a table right by my favorite chair, where I read and sit while on the computer most of the time. It helps to read it. But I am human, and my human self wants the call 5 minutes ago and I want to leave tomorrow! I CAN't wait to hold our baby! I want to touch the cheeks I have heard about from so many others and the fat little legs and look into the smiling eyes! I can't wait to share her pictures here! The visiting families she has had tell me she is already wearing 9 month clothes.... and only 4 months old, she IS one of my children! I think my kids are wondering if this will ever happen.... Harrison wanted to sleep with the "baby Jillian doll"- it's the softest little brown baby doll- I couldn't help but take his pic.- even though it is pink! We are waiting on an update on her health, growth, development, a few new pics, etc. from our agency any day now... families usually get them at the end of the month- I will share when I receive it. I am trying to remain focused on life here.... but it is HARD! my heart has a space in it that will only be filled when I hold her for the first time!!! Better yet, when we bring her home! Please keep praying that we hear soon and that we pass the first time! Then, hopefully 5 weeks later we can bring her home for good!

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  1. My heart is aching and breaking for you...
    I don't even know what else to say.
    Huge hugs and a box of tissues.