Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Waitin' for the phone to ring....

This week the waiting has been hard! I never thought I could be sort of paralyzed- just sitting around waiting for the phone to ring..... but that is really what it is like! I just CAN'T wait for that phone call! I figure that April is pretty much done for referrals- that we will hopefully be in May- which would be great- Mother's day and my birthday are both in May- a referral would be a great gift! I feel so many things right now; anxiety, excitement, happiness, just to name a few..... My Dad has been getting prepared to make the second trip with me to bring her home- he got his first round of shots this week. Craig and I will go the first trip for court hopefully 4-6 weeks or so after we get our referral. Then the US Embassy does an investigation on our child's case and then they will tell us when we can have an embassy appt., this is when we can bring her home- that should be 6-12 weeks after we pass court- approx..... all of these times could be different... it's so hard to say- its different for every child's case. Just.... so..... ready!!! Keep us in your prayers; the waiting is so tough! BY the way: I don't really sit around waiting for the phone to ring literally.... trying to stay busy: planting flowers and a few veggies- stuff for homemade salsa, and Isabelle wanted to plant carrots and Harrison chose pumpkins (which will be planted on my parents farm). Craig built me a little patio out of cobblestone; a place in the shade to watch the kids play-, lots of yard work, lots of end of year stuff at the preschool, and last but not least, something I have always wanted to do: GO SEE JIMMY BUFFETT IN CONCERT!!!! So excited, tomorrow night in St. Louis! YAY!


  1. I hope you have a BLAST at the concert!!! And by golly, if you do sit by the phone willing it to ring, you wouldn't be the first mama to do that!!! But, keeping busy is the best way to help time pass...especially spending it with the little ones you do have at home already! Enjoy it while it lasts. :o) Here's to hoping the phone rings for ya!~

  2. We'll get our calls soon! Enjoy the concert!!