Thursday, April 22, 2010


We are now 2nd in line for our referral for our baby girl!!! Of course, I must say the list is unofficial, so the possibility of a "mystery" family being front of us is still there- the reality is: we are getting closer! I was so happy when I saw that baby girl referral in my email yesterday- that means, only one family in front of us- and it is so much fun to see families we have grown closer to receive their referrals too! I really, really, really want our referral! It is pretty much all I can think about lately. It's getting harder, the closer we get. I am very worried that we might not pass court before Ethiopian courts close in August for 6 or so weeks- that would really put a kink in things! I know our whole adoption is orchestrated by God's own hands, that is the only thing that gives me peace.... I just can't wait to see her face, know her birthday, know where she is from in Ethiopia, etc.... all of the little, tiny details a mother wants to know! Second!!!!

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  1. HOORAY!!!! I am so excited for you! No one, as much as you, I know, but we are all anxious to meet your new family we're all hoping they hurry it up over there!!!