Monday, April 5, 2010


Wow- A lot has been going on! We had a great Easter Sunday! So glad to finally see some referrals from our agency; maybe it will be our turn soon! I have been battling major back and nerve trouble for going on three weeks now- ready for some relief. It kind of makes it hard to do anything else. I think it was brought on by stress and worry- which caused all of my muscles to totally tense up and cause a pinched nerve and back spasms... or maybe I am just getting "older".

Our agency also contacted us about the policy that was "on hold", after May 9, the policy goes back into effect- both parents will have to travel to be in court. So it looks like that is how it will be for us. I am also getting concerned that we pass court before court closes in August. Please pray for that specifically. We really want to bring our baby home as soon as we can.

I am learning a lot about "support" through this experience. Sometimes encouragement comes from places we would least expect it, and not from where we would normally find it. I have been discouraged from some peoples response to our adoption, because we feel so passionate about it. I can't help but feel like there are some people around us that just aren't interested. I understand how "orphans" isn't everyone's "thing", but loving all of the children in your life should be!

Summer ball practice is getting ready to start for both kids! Can't wait- we will stay super busy, so maybe waiting won't be so hard...... but who am I kidding! Ha! Exciting times- We have officially been "Dossier to Ethiopia" for 7 months now- and the official wait is 8-11 months, we are getting closer. I still feel like it will never happen. So ready to see her face! Please keep praying for us!


  1. Erin, I'm so sorry I've not been commenting lately and please do not take that as a lack of support! I think it is fantastic that you are not only in a position to bring a family to a baby in need, but willing...such an awesome thing to do! I cannot imagine people thinking it is a "bad" idea to provide a loving home and family to a child in need...who wouldn't want that done for their own children if necessary! I'm sending lots of hope & cheers your way!!! Love Ya!

  2. P.S. Your kids are so gorgeous! I cannot believe how grown up they are!