Monday, April 19, 2010


Harrison went to the Eye Doc. today, for our concern about a lazy eye once in a while. Turns out he is really far sighted and his right eye is pretty bad. He has to get glasses. I am bummed about it.... he is only 4! Worried Momma doesn't want people to make fun of him or stereotype him. I know, things could be worse. I just want to protect him and I am kind of wondering at this point how I am going to get him to wear them all the time- he's not to keen on the idea..... I'm sure a little bribery might help. On the other hand, I am thankful for his beautiful brown eyes that smile when he smiles, and at least he can see!

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  1. Awww, I think he'll be positively charming with glasses! I think it's all about finding a pair that looks right on them! My oldest has worn reading glasses since she was six, and my 2Nd also started wearing glasses at 6, but all the time with daily patch wearing for 2 hrs per day. My 3rd started wearing glasses the same visit as #2, so she was only 2! We get soooo many compliments on how cute they are, I'm sure Harrison will, too! I'll email pics of my girls in their glasses for you both to see. Like you said, I'm just greatful they can see!! :o)