Monday, January 11, 2010

The Big Thaw

Today it got above freezing! YAYYYY- School resumed! YAYYYY! We hopefully can get back in our routine now- well at least part of it- Only 3 out of our 4 toilets are "not working". We originally thought something was frozen- after today, I am beginning to wonder if we will need professional help for our problems! My husband is going to get the ole "snake" out tonight and see if he can fix it himself and if not- well, tomorrow I am calling the plumber! Oh, Winter- day upon day of family togetherness,why is it that whenever I go into another room, everyone follows? Am I really that popular? Needless to say I am jumping for joy over the forecast this week- above freezing EVERY day! That means outside time after school and a happier momma! Hopefully by midweek all of our toilets will work, too! Tomorrow we have a conference call with America World, our adoption agency- hopefully they will have a tidbit or two of interesting info- ready for some kind of action on the adoption front- at least an "on deck" or something for "baby girl waiters" 1-3 (we are #4)- anything would be great news-
This time of year is always hard for me- after Christmas/before Spring- I am totally "Seasonally Affected"- happens every time- My soul needs sunlight and warmth and nature- I think I really need to plan a trip towards the end of Jan. or Feb. sometime. I think my family would be much happier! That just may be a goal for next year/post adoption of course- For now I will just look forward to my toilets working!

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