Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Clear Drains!

Ok- the good news: we can now flush all of our toilets! bad news: $192.50 later- a toothless plumber tells me not to flush certain things down the toilet! Yes- it is MY fault- not the freezing weather, or a child's toy- but me, the adult! Needless to say- I have learned my lesson and as I speak my sweet husband is sanitizing the bathrooms because they smelled like Mexico to me when I arrived home today! That's all I will say about that! Hopefully ever! We had a conference call today with AWAA: No big news, I was a little bummed..... looks like it could be at least 3 months after we get our referral before we can go get our daughter, that is IF we pass court the first time- which is not a sure thing. So- I will be happy if we get to go get her before school starts next year! That is a lot more waiting! I am so thankful there are other people experiencing the exact same thing- through our chat group with our agency! We can support each other and pray for each other and that is so reassuring!

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  1. Hoping your referral comes sooner than later but no matter when it comes God is in control. He knows the perfect time to place that little one in your arms and will not allow her to be in Ethiopia one day longer than He has planned. With that said it's hard waiting and I am praying God will give you strength to continue on!!

    Have a great weekend,