Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"Jillian sized"

Tuesday nights are our crazy night because Isabelle has Dance when I would normally cook dinner so we ran through Wendy's tonight.... when we got home, Harrison-age 3 was helping me carry the drinks in. He had gotten a junior sized Frosty- he said, "Awww, that's Jillian sized"- it was so cute! It means a lot to me that in his little 3 year old heart and mind, she is already real to him and to our family! Now, all we need is some action on the list! Come on referrals!

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  1. Oh that is SO cute! Like the Bible says, "Out of the mouths of babes"....that is SO true! I love kids and the precious things they say. Isabelle & Harrison are going to be top notch siblings...but you know, kids learn from watching their parents...so it's no surprise their little hearts are so full of love!! :o)