Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Harrison and a sad heart

Our weekend started very busily last Friday night with celebrating Harrison's 4th birthday. My parents came over and Harrison got to pick where we went to eat, he picked Steak and Shake.... "because they have white shakes" (according to Harrison). Also on Friday, in our little town something horrible happened. A woman and her son were violently killed by the father as to what seems to be over money..... This woman happens to be one of my neighbors best friends. I watched people come and go all day, including highway patrolmen, protecting the little brother who was left behind in the house unharmed. It was the saddest thing. It still is. The father was later found dead, apparent suicide. Tomorrow are the mother and son's funerals, together. My heart is so sad. I can't understand.
One thing I read and that I am trying to focus on and remember is this: Heaven is real and Relationships are the only thing that matter here on Earth. We are supposed to be the hands of Jesus.... I can only hope that God wrapped his loving arms around that momma and her sweet little boy as they entered his gates....
It's hard not to think about what happened.

On Saturday, we went to Kansas City to have a long weekend.... I was glad to get away.
We started off spending the afternoon with some great friends! We had lunch and visited with Craig's roommate from Pharmacy school and his wife and their 3 kids. It was so good to catch up with them, we had a wonderful visit! Then we went down to The Plaza.
All the kids cared about was swimming.... which they did a lot of! Sunday, more swimming and some shopping- Birthday stop at Build-a-Bear of course. We also experienced Ethiopian food for the first time at The Blue Nile restaurant. Here's how it went: Harrison fell asleep and Isabelle started crying because she was afraid of trying something new- she ended up liking it! We had the Sampler Platter and they brought it out and there were no utensils! You use the Injera (Ethiopian National Bread) to scoop it up and eat it. It was all pretty good actually. Injera has a funny smell to it- It reminded me of a pancake that was kind of sour dough-y.
Monday, we messed around and came on home- Isabelle brought some Injera to take to school, she said only one person in her class liked it- hmmmmm we are going to have to work on them! Anyway, if you are reading this, add this family to your prayer list please- they need your prayers! Especially the little boy that was left behind.

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