Tuesday, February 2, 2010

January Update

Our agency, AWAA, just posted their stats for January. They had 17 REFERRALS!!!! 3 of which were infant girl referrals! That may not mean anything to you- but it means ALOT for us! You see, we are 3rd on the unofficial list- Yes, it is still unofficial which just means there very well may be a family or two or three that we don't know about, that do not take an active part of our agencies yahoo chat group. This is the group that keeps the "unofficial" list that I refer to. Anyway, in the next few months we are "likely" to get our referral! My fellow adoption friends, The Booy's are #1 on the list and The Belotes are #2! We three, keep in touch and are cheering each other on! It's actually helping the time go by, connecting and keeping track of the progress! I am thankful for these families, hoping we will be friends from now on because of bonding through this process! Thanks God for crossing our paths! Things are bound to get pretty interesting this month and next- I can't wait to see what happens! Our daughter, Isabelle was asking last night about Jillian's mom- and why she would have to give her up- My husband took that one and then they prayed for her family in Ethiopia and the decision that they would have to make- I think it really hit my husband as to how hard it would be to give up your flesh and blood- he said he wanted to write a letter to Jillian's Birth Mother- We might actually get to meet her if it were under the right circumstances...... what an opportunity! So many what ifs..... I can't wait to know what OUR cicumstance is-I pray daily that our little girl has The Lord's loving arms wrapped around her, protecting her from hunger, the weather, trauma- She has probably been born and maybe even given up by now- she may be in the orphanage just waiting to be referred to us- only GOD knows for sure! It's such an exciting adventure!!!


  1. Good news! Hopefully it won't be long now! Sending your family huge hugs and lots of love.. waiting for a new baby in the family is the hardest and longest wait of all... we're thinking of you though!

  2. Erin, I guess this is the only way to reply to you...Hi! I'm excited for your adoption journey! It's so awesome! We got our slings in Ethiopia. They are just big scarfs, but you should have the Ethiopians help you find one that will hold a child. Some are too small or not sturdy enough. Tying him on my back is most comfy, he's 2.5 yrs and 20 lbs. A smaller baby could probably be held in one of those wraps on the front. Fammy (with AWAA in ET) helped me find ours!

  3. I'm hoping we all have some great news soon!!!