Thursday, February 25, 2010


First of all, let me say that I DO know that everything happens in GOD'S time. I believe this. There have not been any referrals in the month of February. There is one working day left. I am discouraged because it seems like things are dragging. I am also frustrated because the talk in the chat group is that after you pass court, families are going to have to wait up to 8 weeks to travel to Ethiopia to pick up their children. So it could take up to 4 months after referral to get Jillian and bring her home. That is frustrating! Which makes me do math in my head and start worrying about court closures in August and September and worrying about Isabelle being back in school and where she would stay- I know, I know, cross that bridge....... well, I'm a planner- can't help it! So, I am a little discouraged and frustrated.... I am not the only one.... So if you are reading this- add us to your prayer list and all of the families currently waiting! Thank you- it is reallly greatly appreciated!


  1. Even though I'm in the same boat, I am praying for you guys too!!! I'll be so glad to get February behind us! Check your email today if you haven't already! :-)

  2. I am praying with you all! You can do it, God's timing really is perfect although it's hard to see that before you hold them in your arms. It's easy to tell yourself that but so hard to feel it in your heart b/c all you really want to do is touch them, kiss them, love them. Just know if you make it through court before closures you don't have to wait to travel :) I am praying that it all comes together so quickly friend!!!

  3. Sending HUGE hugs to you and a giant GRRRR for you to the agency! Waiting on a baby is the LONGEST wait there is! Lotsa Love!!!