Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cooped up!

I thought I would post a few pictures of the past few days- I think we are all getting tired of being cooped up- I am running out of things to organize, believe it or not! The kids made us a "gourmet" meal for Valentine's Day and we put together the crib for sweet baby #3!!! I told Craig, we are definetly getting our money's worth out of that crib! When we bought it before Isabelle was born it just about killed us to spend so much on a crib - I said, "I will keep it forever!"
Anyway, the offices for our agency have been closed due to so much snow in the D.C. area- so today was there first real day back open- maybe something will happen now- for at least somebody! I am just so ready! I joke that I am giving up Winter for Lent- but really I will gladly give her up! I don't think I have ever been more ready for Spring! I do love every season, but we haven't had a Winter quite like this for a while!
We did have a little scare today- our 10 year old Dachshund, Copper- went missing for about 3 hours- I couldn't find him anywhere! He NEVER does that- I searched everywhere in our neighborhood, thinking I would find him, I never did. When I came home from picking Isabelle up from dance class- he was back in the garage- with something stuck in his mouth. Do you know how hard it is to pry something out of a skinny long nosed dog's mouth? I think he was over at a neighbors digging in there trash, must have found some food- I finally got it out, he was going crazy trying to get it out. I think it was some kind of wrapping for a meat package or something. I hope he doesn't get sick tonight. At least he was ok!

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  1. We'd like to invite you and your family to an Ethiopian gathering this Sunday (2/28) - Can you email me your email address?