Monday, March 1, 2010

March is Here!!! Yay

I am so glad March is here!!! So many good things happen in March; Spring starts, Daylight Savings Time starts, SPRING BREAK happens!!! Hopefully this month we will see LOTS of referrals- who know what could happen this month!!!
We had a great, busy weekend! We went to a gathering of lots of families, most who have adopted Ethiopian children who live in the greater Springfield area! It was so fun and I was touched by how awesome all of these kids are! They are all so beautiful! I am so glad we have a group to be a part of, that when Jillian comes home she will be able to see and know other families just like ours!! We got to meet some of the blog kids I follow, the gorgeous "world famous" Ari and his great parents and we got to spend some time with our friends, the Belote's, who are right in front of us in line! We even got to see Belen, our friend Cassie's little girl- it was just a fun day!


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  2. Oh so jealous you got to see Ari live and in person! That kid is too cute! I know Jillian will be a girl version of him! :o)
    I love March too! I keep finding myself looking for signs of crocus or daffodils or SOMETHING coming to life that is green outside! The sunshine yesterday helped a lot! I'm hoping March roars in like a lion of SUPER DUPER news for you and your family!!!

    Oh, the deleted comment by "Megan" was mine! My niece had used my computer and signed into her google account..sorry for the mixup!