Thursday, March 11, 2010


I spent an hour on the phone today on a conference call with our agency with lots of other families, listening the entire time. I got off of the phone feeling a little frustrated, because I know there were many questions that were not answered. I did find out a few more details about how the first trip to appear in court would play out, but that is about it. The anxiety I have felt over the past few months about leaving our kids here and who to leave them with, is becoming less; I think it has to do with the news that we got yesterday. I am realizing that no matter how much I plan it out in my head, that it's going to happen the way God wants it to happen..... so why worry? I spend a lot of time analyzing and worrying- about most important things in my life. But I feel some peace about this, which is an answer to prayer. For that I am thankful! I can see the pro's and con's of making a second trip- the most important, we will get to meet our daughter sooner! Praise the Lord!
That is really all I care about right now- so Bring on the Referrals!!!
I guess it's a good way to go into spring break- leave tomorrow to put our feet in the sand for a few days- and enjoy each other. We don't have many plans besides swimming and bike riding around Sanibel Island. I kind of like that- will keep you posted! By the way, I am going to take the laptop, just in case we get a referral......

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  1. Dear Erin and Craig,
    Yesterday, the Bible verse on my day by day calendar was: I say to myself, "The Lord is my portion; therefore I will wait for him."
    Lamentations 3:24
    As you know I have walked with the Lord over half a century. I have learned that God's timing, his perfect plan for each of His Childrens lives,are the BEST. HE sees the total picture, He wants the best for us and He is ALWAYS FAITHFUL to us. HE wants our Trust and Obedience.
    It is good that you, Isabelle and Harrison are on holiday having fun!
    We are looking forward to welcoming Baby Jillian into our family of faith at First United Methodist Church. Our prayers are with you all.
    Peace, Joy, Hope, Love and Prayers
    Pat Taylor