Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Looking forward

It's a busy time- we have a lot to look forward to: Spring, Longer days, Spring Break, Conference call on Thursday from our agency (hopefully they have lots of good news to tell us), and on and on, hopefully eventually a referral, the ultimate thing we are looking forward to! Right now it seems like its never going to happen.... I know it will, there is just still nothing going on with our agency regarding referrals in general.
I have been thinking a lot about obedience lately- what I am realizing is that we have a choice- to be or not to be..... obedient, that is- you can listen to yourself or you can listen to God! I am noticing that it is part of the "human condition" to listen to yourself, to hear what you want to hear- but being obedient is listening to what God is saying. He uses the Holy Spirit all the time, and through our "busy" lives, its easy not to "hear" it...... I am trying to "hear" and "listen" and obey. Also, we have to have our mind and heart open to what God is saying, at all times....... be flexible!
On another note; a few weeks ago I came across some super cheap airline tickets straight to the sand and surf of Florida- So........ thought we better take this last chance before things get REAL busy after we get our referral. So Spring Break, here we come...... so excited and so much to look forward to! We are going to a quaint little place near Ft. Myers called Sanibel Island...known for shelling! Can't wait! We will post pictures. Hopefully we can enjoy some time off and spend some quality time together.... and relax!

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  1. I love your post and share many of your same hopes!!!
    I live in Florida and know you will adore your Spring break in Sanibel! The weather should be perfect!!!!!!
    Smiles, Ashlie