Friday, December 4, 2009

passing time

This is such a busy time of year! I love it! There are lights to be hung-
and lots of other things to keep us busy- but I can't help but spend many moments throughout every day thinking of a girl far away- hoping and praying that she is not cold or hungry or alone- or being traumatized in any way- I just really don't like waiting- I am ready a for our referral NOW! This week I have been following Tom Davis and his mission team in Ethiopia and he has posted lots of great pictures on his blog- (love his books) and the images he has posted are breathtaking- they are of all of these beautiful people- orphans in Ethiopia- who don't have anyone but each other- I just can't believe more people don't "get it"- that bothers me! Even people in my own family- think adoption or orphan care is for "someone else". We can all do SOMETHING!
If that wasn't enough, something came in the mail.... I found this doll in a JCPenney magazine- its a soft doll with a pink dress and a little soft brown face with a little pink smile- so we ordered two- one to send to our baby when we DO get a referral and one to keep here- my friend, Stacy told me I should sleep with it so it smells like me- well my kids won't let me have a turn- so I guess it will just smell like all of us! ha! I am so glad they want to take part!
On top of that- I heard this song by Third Day called Merry Christmas- you should look it up on itunes if you haven't heard it- it WILL make you cry. So it is hard for me this year- I am blessed, but I long to hold a little brown baby girl that may be born right now in a far away land- I know God has his arms wrapped around her though and will keep her safe until we can come get her. Here are the things that make me smile right now- and I am so blessed to be their wife and Mom! Enjoy the season with the people you love---

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