Monday, December 7, 2009


So we are finally in the "TOP TEN" on the list of people waiting for a referral with our agency, America World, through the Ethiopia program- This list is an "UNOFFICIAL" list- kept by our yahoo group, so there could be some "mystery" families out there- There are 5 families ahead of us waiting for a girl on the list- once again, there could be families out there that we don't know about- Regardless, it is a great feeling to be in the top ten!
There was another referral today and the month is young! Praying for more referrals, girl referrals and for those families waiting to pass court!


  1. Congrats!! Happy for you guys to be in the unofficial top 10!!

  2. Congrats on the top 10!! I remember the day we got to that place. I finally felt like we had a glimpse of an end. Hoping your referral comes soon. Blessings,
    Home with AJ and Selam 8/09