Tuesday, September 7, 2010


We arrived at the airport, Friday night around 8:30 to a crowd of friends and family! I didn't expect it really- it was awesome to know how much love and support surrounded our precious girl! She was a champ! She is so social and loved every minute of it, until she got tired and then she just went to sleep in my arms! She was great on the 32-plus hour trip home, after a 8 hour layover in Amsterdam! She slept and loved being held by me the whole time- my back hurt so bad, but it was WORTH it!
After visiting for a little bit, we headed for home- she fell asleep in her car seat and then she went right to bed when we got home. I must confess, at night we are letting her sleep with us and we all love it! She sleeps great! She woke up around 3am and had a bottle and then woke up around 6am or so- and that seems to be her pattern- can't complain! I love how she will turn toward you and just curl up in her sleep! Saturday, we continued with the fundraiser sale- and had lots of visitors.... Sunday, family came and brought dinner and fell more in love with "sweet cheeks"....Monday- just rest and prepare for the week of getting into our new routine. I had a nap! Then I was more tired. Today was our first day of "normal". It went pretty well, except when it was time for an afternoon nap- it was time to go do school pickup and she didn't really want to stay asleep- so tonight she was deleriously sleepy, almost giddy- just laughing and giggling and finally passed out on me! Sometimes she makes sounds and gestures that are so familiar to me, like I have known her before... probably just baby stuff- maybe similarities between my other babies. I am loving it! She is so sweet and happy and laid back!
I took her outside today to sit in the grass- she had never done that before, you could tell. She didn't know whether to laugh or cry- she just looked at me- it's going to take some time and I know she'll love it! Tonight was a little crazy, thank goodness for my crock pot- she was tired, didn't want to be put down- Harrison was "starving" but not for what I cooked, Isabelle had dance- let the chaos begin! My hubby says," do you think if we did this again, we would get one as sweet as her?" I couldn't believe it- who knew that he had even thought of it? I guess we'll see- she is such a jewel and I love her like she was made in my own womb- I can't believe it but I do! She is such a wonderful miracle! I know God made her just for us and we feel so blessed and thankful! She's perfect in every way!

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  1. Welcome home!!! So excited to meet and snuggle on this sweet baby! I'm so glad things are going so well.