Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Settling in....

It's been a little while since I've written.... I am finding it kind of hard to find time to blog- seems someone needs my attention!
The adjusting is going well- Isabelle seems to be affected the most. She has all of those first born female personality traits and is having trouble sharing the attention. Hopefully she will get used to things soon.... if that is the worst problem we have, we can deal with it.
Harrison is great, he just goes with the flow- really!
The parents are both tired..... I forgot what it's like to not get anything done around the house, it bothers me.... but I have to relax and look at that beautiful toothless grin staring back at me and none of it matters. She sleeps through the night most nights or wakes up once..... she is happy most of the time, loves to eat, loves to be held and talked to- she is happiest when she is in a group of people or when Isabelle and Harrison are messing with her!
I still look at her sitting in the middle of our living room and I can't believe the gift we've been given! The word that keeps coming to mind is Thankful.... got all the reports back from her Dr. visit- everything is great, she had an ear infection, that's it! She is a happy, joyful, smily, chubby, funny, beautiful blessing! Oh, the sense of humor this girl has- I can't believe she's only 7 months.... she is so funny and will laugh right back at you about things. I love the way she gazes into my eyes.... and she'll hug you and say "awwww" and pat your shoulder, like I do hers.... so funny! She waves at everyone, is gaining leg strength, she likes the exersaucer, loves to be outside, loves refried beans and bananas..... I could go on and on! I feel overwhelmed a lot, right now I am just doing the things I have to do- trying to get in a good routine. It's odd for the process of the adoption to be over- we spent so much time praying for the little details of the adoption. I am now praying prayers of thankfulness- We feel so blessed. More soon.... try to add pictures soon-


  1. This picture is so beautiful! He did such a good job capturing the "essence of Jillian" in my opinion! I'm feeling a little low on my snuggle supply! :o)

  2. Erin-
    She is just BEAUTIFUL! Enjoyed meeting her in person and hearing all about her at the gathering last week. You are just glowing! We are soo very happy for all of you! Enjoy every minute.