Sunday, September 26, 2010

One month ago......

One month ago today, the sweetest blessing was placed in my arms, "for keeps" in Ethiopia. I can't believe it's been one month. So many new experiences for us all- we're all still adjusting, loving almost every minute of it- Craig says," she was born for our family"- We are amazed at how God works! He made her just for us, it's really just an awesome, amazing thing- and I'm so glad to be given this gift! I still look at her and cannot believe she's here! That she is our baby- I just want to eat her up- she is the purest joy! We are so in love- I watch the kids with her, even Harrison will just kiss her cheek, melts my heart! Then there is Craig- he loves her so much- and Jillian already looks up to Isabelle. I always wanted a sister- glad my girls will have each other! Even though we are all tired- she has brought a special light into our family- a sparkle! She is special! Can't wait to see what God has in store for her- on the other hand I want to freeze these moments in time so I can always remember her sweet little baby self!!! Love it!


  1. It's amazing how agonizingly slow the waiting is, and how heart-wrenchingly fast the time flies when they are in your arms. I loved Harrison at my house, "Be careful with MY baby" doubt of the love there. So sweet.

  2. ahh beautiful :)! It has been a month since we have received our referral. I can't wait until we are posting something liket hat :) God Bless!