Tuesday, August 24, 2010

She's coming HOME!!!!

We GOT THE CALL!!!! We are officially cleared by the US Embassy to come for our appointment to get Jillian's Visa next Monday, Aug. 30! My dad and I are leaving this Friday, in 3 days!!!!! We will be home WITH HER on Friday night, Sept. 3! I can't even believe it right now! I am SO happy! I even found tickets that were cheaper than the first time we went and I don't have to go through Chicago, which is a huge blessing in itself! I am So thankful right now- We get to go with 3 other families that were there before for court with us- so happy to get to see them again! Please pray that everything goes smoothly for us and that Jillian is just fine on the travel home, I'm nervous about that-


  1. She is beautiful! Congratulations!

  2. Oh. My. GOSH!!!! SOOOO HAPPY for you! Just think! She will be HOME FOREVER.....SOON!!!! Blessings on your travel and health! :o) God Bless

  3. WOOT! Exciting exciting exciting! (to carry on my charlotte's webb theme from last comment ha ha!) So glad I live here, can't wait to see her, I'll be sitting on my hands trying not to call you the second I think you're home! :o) Have a safe trip!

  4. Dear Erin and Craig,
    Praise the Lord! Bless His Holy Perfect name.
    Great news to read that precious baby Jillian will be here soon with her loving family.
    I am so very happy that I will be able to see her and hold her.
    My prayers continue for you all and for travel mercies.
    Joy, Peace, Praise, Grace, Love and Prayers,
    Pat TAylor