Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I love a good LIST!

Ok- all of this waiting is pretty tough! And we have only just begun, I know- So I feel like I need to DO something! So I got into some of the great info left in files on our Ethiopian chat group on the computer and made me a couple of good LISTS! One LIST that I could work on now and one that needs to wait until after we get our referral. In doing this, I realized that we need to get with the program! We have so much to do to prepare for our baby girl!
Most importantly: PICKING A NAME!!! I have such trouble with this- I mean, a name is with you forever- what if it doesn't fit? With Isabelle and Harrison, I didn't decide for absolute sure until they were born and I saw them. My wonderful friend, Stacy made me the most awesome LIST of baby boy names for Harrison, which helped. I have already solicited her help this time, too- We have definetly narrowed it down- in my book, for our family, it needs to be a classic, not overly common name that will go nicely with Isabelle and Harrison. We will use her given Ethiopian name as her middle name eventually. In my heart, I really do need to wait until we get our referral to name her, but I think it will help my children prepare for her if we name her now..... SO........ reserving the right to change my mind- We have decided upon..............JILLIAN (insert Ethiopian name here)!!!

It feels great to actually type that down! So I guess now I can start referring to her as baby Jillian! I guess now, I can mark that giant task off of our LIST! :)


  1. I love it... Jillian Jay- That's awesome! I really can picture her with a big pink headband bow on her head! Congrats on making this huge decision! And your kids are alphabetical H I J (not in order, but still it's cool!) Love ya!

  2. we are just starting the paperwork process for a baby girl with AWAA also. And I am just the same - I wanted to name our baby early, primarily for our bio children so they could have someone to think about and pray for. Our little girl will be named Olivia. Love Jillian too!!! Congrats on your paper pregnancy!