Wednesday, October 14, 2009

First Blog!

Hi friends-
This is our first blog post- it's been a long time coming. I want to blog so we have a record for our daughter- We are adopting a baby girl from Ethiopia! We are requesting a baby between 0 and 18 months of age- She will join our family of four- Daddy- Craig, Mommy- Erin, Sister- Isabelle and Brother- Harrison! We can't wait for her to get here! We sent our application into AWAA in May, Dossier sent early September- and so we wait...... This blog will document our life along the way- If anyone reading ever has any good advice - please share it! We can't wait to see what blessings the Lord brings our way.... happy reading!
Thanks for following-Erin


  1. Great job Erin! So excited to be able to follow your journey more personally!!
    Gina Root AWAA YG

  2. Looks great!

    ~ Kim (Stacy's friend) :)