Thursday, October 15, 2009


Last week and into this week I have been feeling all kinds of anxiety-
Anxiety about the future- What if we aren't ready? What if we get "the call" before the 9-11 month window they give you to look forward to. I am such a "planner" about things. I am trying to decide how to change things around to welcome our baby girl- we have her room painted and curtains up, but nothing else ready.... I did save the crib. We don't even have a name! Working on it though.... have one in mind, but have to roll it around in our heads for a while before we decide for sure.

I can't help but think maybe all of this anxiety is because maybe somewhere during this time our sweet baby girl was being born, or maybe her birth mother is having anxiety about giving her up or maybe she did give her up- I think God ties people together this way- I guess I will just pray longer and pray harder that the precious woman chosen to carry our daughter will feel some peace during this time- I will gladly carry all the anxiety for her, if that would make it easier. Don't get me wrong, if it were to happen sooner- we would gladly adjust! (smiling)

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  1. Erin...I am so excited for your family! You already have me in tears!! I felt so privileged to be allowed to follow Haven's story, and now your family's with Jillian. Of coursed you will be blessed by the child, but you cannot overlook how fortunate she will be as well when you know what her options would have been, especially after reading your list at the top right. Such exciting times, thank you SO much for sharing!!