Friday, November 5, 2010

in a bit of a funk...

First of all let me begin by saying that I have SO much to be thankful for, especially this year!
I would say we are pretty much "settled" in to our new routine. It's hard for me to share my feelings, especially when they aren't good feelings. I've been in a bit of a funk lately.... not sure why really- maybe because all of the adrenaline from the adoption process is gone, maybe because my hubby is working ALL the time to finish paying off our adoption.... things are really tight and will be until we get it paid for, that cramps my style. I'll admit it. All of these things combined make me grouchy....
I'm also trying to learn how to deal with a situation in my extended family that is ongoing..... I love my mom, but I don't have the support or help that I wish for..... I've always wanted my kids to have grandparents that loved to have the kids over all the time, etc..... mine consider it "babysitting" and think that is all we want out of them.... which couldn't be further from the truth. So they don't get to go often, rarely giving us a break! This isn't a new thing, but it is something that keeps coming up as a problem...... and I really don't know how to change it, so I am trying to just accept it. I do know that I want to be a different kind of parent and eventual grandparent. I love my parents, don't get me wrong, but we just don't see eye to eye on this subject. I guess by putting it out here in bloggyland- I would love to know other opinions on this, advice??? I think this is also contributing to the "funk"- It's something that I just don't understand and frankly it continues to hurt my feelings- Praying to get out of the funk and SOON!
On another note: Jillian is 95% crawling...... and has two teeth, working on a 3rd! Still sleeping all night, every night- she is a dream baby, I tell you- such a joy! So thankful for that, and the rest of the family has mostly stopped acting out for the wrong kind of attention---- so on that note, that is great!!


  1. Hey, Erin...sorry to hear about your funk! I'm such an adrenaline junkie, that I fear I'll got into Post-Adoptive Depression once we're all said and done. Don't let yourself sink too far and long into your funk!
    Now as far as your parents go, I don't know how near you live to them, but an idea might be to start creating "hang out time" with them, just to get them used to just enjoying their grandkids! Have a "ladies' tea" w/ her and your girls, have a movie night, have the kids interview them to create books about them, or have the kids bring a puppet show or performance to their house...drop by with a pumpkin pie on a Saturday afternoon-the options are endless! It will probably take a LOT of time and effort on your part, but if you're deliberately creating time for your kids to hang out w/ their grandparents at least every other week or so, then it will start to feel more natural to all parties involved, and before long, the fun can continue nicely without you and your husband! Praying for you!

  2. Erin,
    Let me start by saying that Jillian is beatiful and so lucky to have made her way into your lives.
    As far as the grandparent issue, we have it too. At least your parents live a way from here. Our issue lives 1 MILE down the street from us. I am not sure what to tell you though.
    Do not worry though or let it keep you in your "funk." One day they will realize what they are missing and will wake up to the idea. And most of all, keep praying about the situation and leave it on the Lord. It will all work out in the long run.